What You Need To Know About Horizon Windows UPVC

Horizon Windows UPVC is a family run and owned business, that was founded by Seamus McEnroe in 1984. The company is situated in Malahide Road Industrial Estate, which is located conveniently off the Malahide Road. They have a dedicated team, with most of the team members that have been with the business since it opened its doors. They have extensive experience which guarantees that each customer receives top class services and products.

Horizon Windows have been in the business of manufacturing as well as installing energy efficient, high quality, affordable and secure doors and windows for home and business owners across Dublin for more than 35 years.

What Makes Horizon Windows UPVC Stand Out From Their Competition? 


  • Every product is offered with an impressive 10-year guarantee
  • They guarantee outstanding customer service
  • They guarantee the use of top-rated materials for all their composite doors and UPVC windows

The uPVC windows come in an extensive range of colours and styles. Regardless of your personal preferences, Horizon Windows have just the right windows to match up to your home. These replacement windows are all designed and then installed specifically to the home. You also have choice in the style of uPVC windows.

Double Or Triple Glazed 

The uPVC windows come in either double-glazed or triple-glazed to match up to your needs when it comes to soundproofing and heat retention. All the windows on sale are able to achieve the Window Energy Rating of band A, which helps you to lower your carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Maintenance Free Coloured Windows 

All the Horizon Windows UPVC coloured options are just about maintenance free. They remain in the same condition as the day they were installed. This means they will not rot, rust, peel or flake.

Types Of  UPVC Windows: 

1. Casement Windows 

Horizon Windows UPVC Home Improvements have been supplying, fitting and designing high-quality Casement UPVC windows all over Dublin for over 30 years.  With an array of colours, practical openings, and your choice in the glass type that you prefer, they are able to design beautiful casement windows that match up to your unique personality. Here are some of the benefits associated with this window type:

A-Rated Standard 

Their A-Rated window range will help you to conserve and contain energy while increasing the overall value of your property.

Sound Insulation 

To improve and benefit noise insulation, there are many-chambered uPVC frames, double-glazing units and weather seals.

Increased Security 

These high-security windows come with double-locking door handles and multi-locking systems, which improves security.

Zero Upkeep 

The frames are durable and will never flake, crack or become discoloured, which over the long run saves you on the money you would have spent on the overall upkeep.

Your Home Will Be Warmer 

If you choose from the selection of A-Rated windows, they will assist with heat loss through the window by as much as 70%.

2. Vertical Sliding Sash Windows 

These designs are described as a sophisticated Georgian style that combines with a modern practicality. The vertical-sliding window system provides a way to enjoy an elegant style that is manufactured in a way that it still offers all the important technical advantages of uPVC without compromising on quality or the design. Advanced technology along with traditional designs seamlessly blend together that results in the ideal solution for the period properties.

Features of the Vertical Sliding Sash Windows: 

  • Market leading products
  • Fully-featured Ovolo detail
  • The deep-bottom rail offers authenticity of the timber box-sash
  • The 128mm Back to Front dimension makes sure these Vertical Sliders match up to a traditional box-sash timber replacement
  • Low-line PCE glazing system

3. Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows 

The Tilt and Turn windows allow a way to easily ventilate a room or your home without the creation of strong draughts. When in a titled position, these windows allow the flow of fresh air from the top of the window while allowing for a way for the stale air to flow out around each side of the window.

When they are opened inwards, an extended sash is easy to clean from the inside of the building. These options are extremely secure and the best choice for a site that is exposed where ventilation is a requirement while still maintaining security.

The side-opening function allows this window type to be utilized as a fire escape in case of an emergency.

4. Bay Windows 

The Bay windows offer panoramic views, which allows in a lot more natural light from all directions. This design offers the choice of having 2 operating windows, which allows the people that live in the home along with their guests to enjoy a breeze from both directions opposed to only one.

The Bay windows are common in Victorian homes but have quickly become popular enhancements for the more modern homes of today. You can install this window type anywhere, yet they are the more popular choice in living rooms and kitchens.

The Benefits Of Bay Windows 

A Bay window is actually made up of 3 windows. This includes one central window along with two side-windows that are typically set at 30,45, 60 or 90-degree angles. They are a great option if you are looking to add a focal point to a room and they are guaranteed to enhance the interior and exterior appearance of your home.

Improved Ventilation 

With the added two side-windows, these designs achieve improved air circulation, which results in fresh and airier rooms in your home.

More Natural Light 

Due to their angles, the bay window will accommodate more natural light into the room.


This option increases the aesthetic appeal of a building or a home. They bring in more light which creates the feeling of more space. If at any stage you have decided you would like to sell the house, these are the types of windows that will benefit any future buyers right away, when it comes to the outside and the inside of the home.